Reduce carbon emissions, increase profitability

To turn decarbonization into competitive advantage, Variable helps to effectively track and reduce carbon emissions across your company's entire value chain.

Climate action for your entire value chain

Why Variable?

Live carbon inventory

Model your value chain and keep track of the lifecycle emissions of your products & services.

Data sharing

No company exists in isolation: drive an effective climate action plan together with your value chain.

Invite suppliers to share product level Scope 3 data and gain control of all emissions in your supply chain.

Carbon accounting & analytics

Gain detailed, up-to-date insight into the emissions that each product, supplier, facility and business unit represents.

Prepare audit-ready reports in compliance with the GHG Protocol.

Real value chain decarbonization

Offsets are bullsh*t. Invest in real emission reductions across your value chain and steer away from greenwashing with carbon offsets.

Easy as (Scope) 1-2-3

How it Works


Create a model of your company's value chain using Live Footprints and connect with your suppliers to share specific Scope 3 data.


Create a carbon account by registering your Activities using Live Footprints, verified calculators and a built-in high quality emission factor database.


Identify hotspots and make a plan for eliminating all emission sources in your value chain in alignment with scientifically established decarbonization trajectories.

Carbon accounting for everyone



Starts at$390per month

  • Unlimited suppliers
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited users
  • Audit-ready data & workflow
  • Real-time ERP integration
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