Activity approval flow

Oct 24, 2023

Jimmy Byrum

Activities are in one of four different states: Draft, Pending, Approved, or Rejected

All new activities start in Draft and all fields can be edited. Once submitted, all fields are locked and the activity can be Approved or Rejected. Rejected activities can be edited and re-submitted. Approved activities are added to the company carbon account.

Who can approve an activity?

Activity approval is based on the Org chart. Anyone in the Org unit above the org unit the activity was submitted into can approve it. For example: let's say there's an Org unit called Operations and an Org under that called USA. If someone submitted an activity in USA, anyone in the Operations org unit can approve.

(Owners and Admins can approve any activity at any level.)

Where can I see activity approval history?

If you click on the activity label, you can see the full approval history.

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