Introducing the Data Quality Indicator

Apr 24, 2023

Jimmy Byrum

As more and more companies make Product Carbon Footprints, it's clear that we need to understand the quality of the underlying data. We've recently added two metrics to Footprints to help with that. Both are following the Pathfinder Framework Version 2.0 specification.

Data Quality Rating (DQR)

This is a number of 1 - 3, with 1 being the best possible score. It's a measure of the data quality of the emissions in the Footprint. The closer the score is to 1, the better the data quality of each line item in the Footprint.

Primary Data Share (PDS)

The ring around the DQR shows the percentage of data that is from a primary vs. secondary source. This is data collected and measured directly, or an emission factor based on a specific company's primary data.


In Live Footprints, you can set the Completeness and Reliability attributes in the Data Quality Indicator area.

In Imported Footprints, there are five attributes to set which affect the score.

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